WEEK 2 The Anti-aging Anti-oxidant facial by Image skincare

VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum.png


Our Facial of the week! The Anti - aging Anti- oxidant facial by Image skincare.  For anyone familiar with Image, this facial was known as The signature facial up to earlier this year. They changed the name to explain a little better just what it does!

The aim of this facial is to give a thorough cleanse, and heal the skin combining the amazing Tri Vital C blend with correcting hydroxy acids, plant derived stem cell technology and deeply hydrating ingredients. That might sound like a mouth full, but this is actually what happens during this facial.

The facial lasts about 45 mins, and every clients leaving can actually see an immediate result on the skin.  This is because Image facials go that bit deeper to the deeper layers of your skin, they penetrate and heal. The enhancers are not over the counter products, they are specifically designed to be used by skin specialists. This facial is designed to combat redness, dehydration and inflammation, all of which this time of year are rampant with the seasonal changes.

This facial is a great starter facial if you are new to Image skincare, and honestly it is popular all year round! Take advantage of our €10 off offer in the run up to Christmas and try it for yourself. Have you had this facial before?