Salon Policies

Welcome to ANNA SCHU. If you haven't been before we hope you will become a regular client. Please have a read of our policies before attending. We do our very best to facilitate everyone as best we can, however in certain circumstances we have policies in place for both Insurance and for the comfort and safety of all of our clients. We like to maintain a life giving atmosphere that is both relaxing and professional. If you have any questions or need clarification, please send us an email at, or call us on 012888882.

Mobile Phones

Our salon area is an escape for many clients that come in for relaxing treatments and self care. We would ask that you ' stay present' during your time here, and that mobile phones be put on silent mode while visiting us. Please don't be offended if we ask this of you, as there are 4 treatment rooms in the salon, and facials or relaxing treatments could be going on at the same time as main area treatments. Any clients using electronic devices or phones do so at their own risk, and ANNA SCHU LTD cannot be liable for any theft loss or damage to personal belongings. We ask that you do not use your phone whilst having a treatment as this could cause a bad application or it could drop into the water etc. If you do so you do it at your own risk.

Children & Babies

We’re sorry, babies and children under age 12 are not permitted to wait in the salon & shop area. Parents or guardians are advised to make alternative childcare arrangements when coming for a treatment at ANNA SCHU to be fair to all clients. We have limited waiting seating areas for our paying clients and they are our priority. The only time children are allowed in the salon area is if they are having a treatment and are being supervised by an adult or for private parties when the salon is completely booked out for the party and they are supervised. Under no circumstances are babies or children allowed in the treatments rooms with parents.

Please look after your belongings

ANNA SCHU ltd is not responsible for clients personal belongings whilst on the premises. Please store your coat / bags / umbrellas in the designated areas ( hooks in rooms, make up area and to the rear of the salon on the left. feel free to ask a member of staff for guidance. We recommend you not leave any personal belongings on the floor. Clients who use their mobile phones whilst having a treatment do so at their own risk, ANNA SCHU cannot be liable for any damage loss or breakage of personal effects whilst on the premises.

Complaints or disputes

ANNA SCHU staff seek to communicate calmly with respect and dignity. We would ask that in any case of clients or new customers, show us the same respect when communicating with us. Disputes or complaints can be dealt with via email to, and followed up with management. We promise to get back to any written concerns or complaints in due course, this can sometimes take longer during busy periods. Please note it is not always possible to deal with complaints in person or on the phone in the moment, as it is a busy salon and shop area, that runs on an appointment basis. We cannot promise to keep other clients waiting to listen to complaints, so we do ask that you would write an email, and then we can arrange management to discuss in person with you if it is necessary. Our goal is to resolve any concerns as efficiently as possible. We do not believe in the common phrase "The customer is always right" but rather we like to communicate calmly and fairly where possible and seek to rectify any misunderstandings with mutual respect and common sense. Management reserves the right to refuse admission or refuse service to clients who act in any way that is intimidating or disrespectful.

Noise levels

ANNA SCHU salon + shop is a big premises located upstairs in a busy shopping centre. It is a relaxing escape, however it is not a sound barricaded spa. We do perform relaxing treatments in our treatment rooms, and we offer relaxing music to be played during this process. However we cannot guarantee a completely silent salon at all times as there can be multiple bookings in on occasion. Please feel free to ask your therapist to turn up the volume of the music in your treatment room if this is the case.

Safety in the salon and Vulnerable clients

AT ANNA SCHU we do our very best to facilitate all clients for treatments. We use products and equipment in the salon so this is what we require: Clients having a treatment need to be able to communicate clearly. We cannot treat clients that are highly medicated / Intoxicated with alcohol or any drugs medicated or otherwise. (Unable to communicate clearly). Please do not be offended if we are unable to look after you if this is the case. Unfortunately we cannot perform treatments clients that are unable to step up onto the pedicure spas unattended. Our therapists and employees are not trained nurses, carers, or chiropodists; they are cosmetic and aesthetic therapists. ANNA SCHU cannot be liable for any accidents or unattended clients. If you are bringing an elderly client or severely disabled client or a vulnerable person to the salon for a treatment we ask that you stay with them for the entirety of their treatment for their own safety. 

Consultations Forms

We require all clients to fill in consultation forms and / or disclaimers using one of the salon iPads, before having a treatment with us in the salon. This is to make sure we can give the best treatment and for insurance purposes. There are contraindications to some treatments, and if you are contraindicated, unfortunately we will not be able to perform a treatment for you, either at all or without a doctor’s consent.  This is for your own safety. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope you have read our policies on our website or asked on the phone before attending, as we do not wish for anyone to be disappointed. 


If clients have never been tinted or waxed before, we would need to do a patch test 24 hrs before any treatment given. It is highly unusual for there to be any reaction but in some rare cases clients could be allergic to a product used. If any given client is being waxed or tinted elsewhere within the last 12 months, we can let the client sign a disclaimer to say they are happy to have a treatment without the patch test. We require complete honesty and advise anyone that is unsure to have a patch test done. 

Data protection statement:

We ( ANNA SCHU LTD) Use Phorest Salon software in our salon, which is GDPR regulated. We do not reveal any client information for any use, other than making appointments and for service history. We only use paper consultation forms for facials & disclaimers for insurance purposes. These are accurate and regulated. our regular consultation forms are now digital on phorest since August 2018. This way any clients information can be archived and Forgotten and completely removed or redacted from our system if necessary. Please read our updated Privacy Notice here - ANNA SCHU PRIVACY POLICY

Gift Voucher Policy:

ANNA SCHU Gift Vouchers do not have an expiry date, and are valid as long as ANNA SCHU LTD is a trading entity. Gift Vouchers can be used to purchase services at ANNA SCHU Salon + Shop. They cannot be exchanged for cash or used to purchase another voucher. Please take care of your gift card as ANNA SCHU is unable to replace it if it is lost or stolen. To check the balance of your gift voucher please visit the shop.

Retail purchases

For any clients purchasing skincare, we are happy to help you choose the best products for your skin as we perceive on the day, however if you are purchasing items for someone else please be careful of what you buy and give to others. Some of the products ( AGELESS range) of Image skincare, can have quiet active ingredients, so we would also recommend that you adhere to the labels on the skincare, and be sure you know about ingredients when applying or buying for others. Our staff are well trained and will only advise based on information you share with us. If you are using medications for skincare concerns etc, always be careful about what products you apply topically. And if you are having a treatment in the salon, always mention this on your consultation form or to your therapist. 

Returns Policy

For products that have been bought in the salon and unopened, we can offer a refund or exchange if items are still in sellable condition within 7 working days. Please note the salon is open Mon- Sat. For sale items, we can offer an exchange within 3 working days, we do not offer a refund on sale items. We  cannot refund or exchange gift vouchers. Where a product is purchased and partially opened or used and an issue is found with the actual product, we will not offer an immediate refund.  We will contact our suppliers and seek their advice. The product source suppliers may recall the item and replace it via the salon. We ask for your patience in this case as we find the best procedure in each individual case.

Slippery Feet

We ask all of our clients to be careful when walking into the salon and around the salon. in normal conditions and especially during winter/ wet seasons. ANNA SCHU is not liable for any slips or falls due to clients footwear etc. If having a pedicure, your feet maybe slippery and we ask all of our clients to walk with caution and care and not rush. It is a beauty salon, and there are lots of products, oil, wax and lotions in use at all times, so please be aware of this and watch your step.

If you don’t feel able to step up onto our pedicure spas, please let a staff member know so that we can try to facilitate you in another way. 


Thank you for your consideration. 

The Management