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NEW Mama To Be Package

NEW Mama To Be Package

Well friends I can say I’ve tried and tested this one out this week, and I’m feeling amazing.

This is my third pregnancy and I have to say, I have tried quite a few treatments while pregnant the last few years. I’ve put this package together for you, with a few things in mind. When you’re tired and pregnant, its not comfortable lying on a treatment bed for too long. Often with massage etc the results are short lived as the aches come back all too soon! So with this package I’ve selected a few treatments you should actually see the benefit of for some time after; as well as feeling pampered.

Here’s my choice and why!

+ Sweet Sugar Pedicure - You cant reach you’re feet but you need a really good job done as your probably swollen feet and cracked heels at this point from water retention and extra pressure. A Little colour on your toes too, will give you that pep back in your step!

+ Classic Manicure - Get your nails looking groomed and great, but you don’t want to have sit or too long upright if your uncomfortable as it is.

+ Mini Facial - your feeling tired, and there is no give away like your face! An express hydrating facial will immediately boost your tired skin and plump out those lines. Only takes 30 mins so you can just about manage with the help of some cushions for support :)

+ EyeLash & Eye brow tint & shape - The first thing people see when they look at you, the brows frame the face.

The treatments listed add up to €180, but we are giving this to you for €155!


I hope you enjoy the mama to be package, and a huge congratulations to you on the impending arrival!

Anna X


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