Not sure which facial to go for?

One of our most asked questions in the salon is, which facial should I go for?

Which facial will I go for ? 

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Whether it's a first time client or someone who has had loads of facials, our skin is always changing with our life patterns. Health, diet, medication, stress levels and weather are all factors that affect our skin. With a chat on the phone, we can usually advise what is your best treatment to go for, but if you dont get time to ask and are in doubt, always go for a customised facial.

Don't be shy, it's your skin - Lets talk

It's a facial customised to YOU, where you are now, to address your particular skin concerns presently. We don't just follow protocols, we use products from the selection of brands that we feel your skin will most benefit from. To get the best out of your facial, don't be shy,  chat with your skin therapist. Whether it's with us or anywhere, talking about what you actually want to achieve and what your skin goals are will really help you to get there. Everyone's concerns are different so the customised facial will guarantee a bespoke treatment and result.

Invest in your skin with the best products actually suited to YOUR skin! 

I hate to break it to you, but we cannot fix years of damage and neglect with one treatment! We can definitely get you started, but it's a group effort. We recommend and sell good skin care because good skincare is the most worthwhile investment, it will kickstart your skins rejuvenating and heal the damage from weather and stress and so forth. You are applying products to your face maybe 2-3 times a day 365 days a year. Let's make sure they actually suit your skin, are not toxic and give you the results you deserve. It is your hard earned cash after all... If you are ready to spend some time and money on your face, make sure your not wasting it on products unsuited to you.


Take the next step

Once you've started to see results with homecare and a treatment, we highly recommend courses of facials and peels to get the best results. Working for a few months with a skincare therapist you will actually start to achieve your skin goals. You can change it up if something is not working for you, and you can increase what is. It becomes a real self care project with the best rewards.  We know how busy our lives can get, but remember you only have one face, so it's worth the investment.   Please don't say " I'm too old " or" too" anything, there is ALWAYS something we can help you achieve. Science in the beauty industry has created amazing formulas that can make huge changes and impacts on the skin, so give it a try. Just come and talk to us...  Is it your time?