Week 4 The Max facial

stem cell creme.png


The Max  by Image is the creme de la creme of the range. Loaded with stem cells and vectorised technology, this facial using this range is amazing for reducing wrinkles.  Vectorised basically means the ingredients are drip fed to the lower level of the skin over 48 hrs, so you get the benefits of the ingredients for longer.  This is a hybrid facial adored by brides worldwide. This treatment strikes the ideal balance between a gentle peel and a therapeutic facial, and is designed to really target those pesky wrinkles, elasticity concerns and combat generally lethargic and dull skin. All the latest anti -ageing stem cell technology is used to guarantee immediate and long lasting results while the client enjoys being pampered in absolute luxury.


These treatment products are unmatched in their maximum concentration of active ingredients that repair cell damage, protect against free radicals and recreate the intracellular matrix (substance between the skin cells) to maintain a healthy structure to the skin.

That's a lot of long words but let's just say, this facial will recreate healthy skin wake it up, increase elasticity and tighten!

Crow's feet bye bye. We love the results of this facial and so it is our facial of the week! 

This facial is for ageing skin and is safe for sensitive skin.

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